Families are biking more than ever throughout Marin

We’re here to help keep you SAFE while having fun!

Check out Savvy Family Cycling: Riding Safely with Youth.



Our Bike Week Contests provide five days of FUN activities
to encourage you to practice biking skills this Summer.
Have fun and learn: 

  • Proper bike and helmet fit
  • Scavenger Hunt on a bike 
  • Practice your bike route to school

Students can enter a raffle to win ICE CREAM gift cards. 

All abilities welcomed. 

Post pictures to #Saferoutesmarin

Contest closes August 15, 2020.


Art & Poetry Contest for SR2S 

Students throughout Marin let their imaginations run wild by entering the Walk and Roll – Art and Poetry Contest in April. 77 students from 19 schools submitted art and poetry showing their joy for walking and rolling.Thanks to everyone who took part. Congratulations!

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Poem by Bradley Nanola, 5th grade, Neil Cummins


There was a time when the earth was a beautiful, majestic, and amazing place

But now…

People what have you done? Do you really think polluting the world is that much fun?

Animals, plants, and more are dying because they can't take it anymore

Please just scooter, bike, or walk to school

It's not hard to do what's right

Everyday things happen and you think there's nothing to do

But actually you can change your point of view

If you want our world to last all you have to do is complete this little task

Help the polar and do what's leftover

Ride your bike and do what's right

Ride your scooter and finish this sooner

Use your feet to greet your future

Thank you to all that you have done

Save the earth


Walk and Roll

by River Walter

Walk and roll!

You know how cars take up to much space?

Well, here we go!

Don’t drive! you can bike, walk or scoot, but no driving!

It’s bad enough for the environment already, with the ozone broken.

So bike, walk, and scoot!

You may use a car if you absolutely have to, though.

But always go biking and scooting and walking first.

The final chant!!!!
Bike! Scoot! Walk! Bike! Scoot! Walk! BIKE!!! SCOOT!!! WALK!!!


Covid Back to School Toolkit

Supplemental Toolkit

Guia Suplementaria



Walk & Roll Guide


administers Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs to promote:

  • Walking, bicycling, taking transit, or carpooling to school
  • Planning safer walking and bicycling routes to schools