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Middle school bike education

Safe Routes to Schools programs throughout the Bay Area have developed valuable curriculum that ties to State standards and will assist in raising awareness on the value of choose Green Ways to School. Use these lessons in conjunction with your Green Team actions in order to raise awareness and educate the students on the deeper lessons behind making green transportation choices. Curriculum Overview PDF download.



Pedestrian Safety: 
2 lessons (K-2) 
Teaches safe walking with an emphasis on crossing the street.

Beginning Bicycle Safety:
3 lessons (3-5)
Teaches the benefits of biking, how to check and fit both a bike and helmet, and teaches how to stay safe when riding in traffic. The unit culminates in a bicycle rodeo.

Advanced Bicycle Safety:
2 lessons (6-8)
Unit engages students with current images and video regarding the “why and how” of biking. The second lesson gets students on the bike to ride our traffic and obstacle courses. These lessons can be followed up by an optional field trip

Elementary School Green Activities

Transportation Location: 
3 lessons, history/science (3-6)
Using Latitude and Longitude coordinates is a fundamental skill students need when navigating maps.
Download PDF Guide (2 MG)
History of the Bike Powerpoint download (4 MG)

Alameda County Curriculum
Lessons for K-5 related to Safe Routes to Schools and
Environmental Awareness.

Sonoma County Curriculum
The Standard Stroll features easy-to-teach standards-based lessons for each grade level. The lessons span all subject levels, from Language Arts to Math, and integrate some crucial issues such as the environment, community, pedestrian and bicycle safety and health.

Middle and High School

3-D Bike Maps:
1 lesson, science (6-8)
After an introduction to reading topographic maps, two fun activities allow students to practice using their topographic map skills.
Download PDF Guide (760 KB)  

(Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign)
Facilitates practical application of science-based solutions for significant and immediate greenhouse gas reductions in student commute. Through this project, students also learn the health and safety benefits of reducing driving to school.

Pollution and Evolution:
1 lesson, science (6-8)
A hands-on “natural selection” moth activity and scientific demonstration of atmospheric gases.
Download PDF Guide (880 KB)
Pollution & Evolution Powerpoint download (3.6 MB)

Marketing Strategy and Transportation:
2 lessons, health/art/phsychology (6-12)
The historical use of emotional marketing is examined. Students view ads and identify the intended audiences and the type of emotional appeals.  The second lesson allows students to present an ad they have made to promote environmentally friendly transportation.
Download PDF Guide (1 MB)  
Marketing Strategy and Transportation PowerPoint download (4 MB)

The Cost of Transportation:
1 lesson, science  (6-12)
This lesson focuses on the variety of transportation methods available and the costs and consequences associated with each mode of travel.
Download PDF Guide (1 MG)

What Do I Stand For?:
1 lesson (6-12)  life skills
An activity that invites students to explore their beliefs, values, and their willingness to take action in response to environmental problems, particularly by using green transportation.
Download PDF Guide (670 KB)

Travel Journal:
3 lessons (6-12)  health
Challenges students to explore their travel modes and discover how many trips they can reduce by choosing alternatives.
Download PDF Guide (1 MG)

History of Transportation:
2 lessons social science/English  (9-12)
This lesson offers students a general overview of the evolution of transportation in Marin and California from the early days to modern times. Students are given an opportunity to look critically at current transportation systems and the interdependent relationship of transportation with modern cultural norms and values.
Download PDF Guide (986 KB)
The History of Transportation Powerpoint download (8.4 MG)



History of the Bicycle Powerpoint download (4 MG)

Marketing Strategy and Transportation PowerPoint download (4 MB)

Pollution & Evolution Powerpoint download (3.6 MB)

The History of Transportation Powerpoint download (8.4 MG)

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