Kate Sears Joins Iwalk at Tam Valley

Rapid Flashing Beacons Protect Pedestrians


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Iwalk Honors SR2S Co-Founder Deb Hubsmith

Students from around Marin ditched the cars and walked, biked and scooted to school on International Walk to School Day on October 7.  This year’s iWalk was dedicated to Deb Hubsmith, the co-founder of SR2S who lost a two-year battle to acute Leukemia on August 18. 

Green Ways Poem

by Manor students Sophia Nowlen and Audrey Finch

Here we are, standing here today, and most of us got here in a green way.

We want to thank Deb Hubsmith, for all her hard work, her kind and caring heart has stopped some bad gasses that lurk.

We all love the bike rodeo, it was super fun, and hopefully for Manor school, walk and roll has just begun.

We appreciate our crossing guard, and Mandy for bringing us snacks, sometimes we have big bike parades and still has enough packed.

We hope that green ways spread, from North to South to East to West, and all of us here at Manor School agree… green ways are the best!!!!!!


Over 100 Manor and Cascade Canyon students and their families were escorted to school by the Ross Valley police and fire department on this special iWalk and Roll Day in Fairfax.  Chris Coffey and his 12- year-old beagle, Lillie Opal, led the crowd with a picture of Deb on the back of his 3-wheeled bike.   Kids were treated to granola parfaits while listening to student poems, a special tribute made by co-founder and friend, Wendi Kallins, to honor Deb’s “dream big” actions.  (can you put in some lines of the poem?  Can you add a link to the IJ article.) http://www.marinij.com/general-news/20151008/marin-kids-dump-cars-jump-on-buses-and-bikes-walk-to-school

Great Iwalk Video from Kent Middle School Student


Supervisor Kate Sears Joins Iwalk in Tam Valley

 “Matt McMahon, Tam Valley parent and Tam Valley Community Service District Director, and I greeted happy Tam Valley Elementary students who had just walked, biked or rolled to school. Here’s a small but significant show of Tam Valley’s “girl power!” Your Safe Routes to School program is getting cars off the road, reducing morning traffic congestion. It’s a fun way to get to school with friends and prime the brain and body for the classroom workout. Be a part of the congestion solution; ask your Safe Routes Team Leaders about ongoing activities and ways to jump into the Safe Routes habit.” Supervisor Kate Sears


Act Locally for Safety

A group of parents and neighbors hovered together observing the drop off on McAllister Avenue in Kentfield. Students from Kent Middle School and Bacich Elementary School were dodging cars to get to their respective schools. Fed up with the frightening situation on McAllister, a major thoroughfare for students going to both schools, parents and neighbors were adamant that the kids need a safe place to walk and bike to school and took action.

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Flashing Beacons Protect Pedestrians

You’ve seen them, they are rectangular beacons placed under yellow pedestrian warning signs. When activated, a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) lights up with an irregular flash pattern and alerts oncoming motorists to a pedestrian waiting to cross a crosswalk. RRFBs increase the number of vehicles that yield to pedestrians at uncontrolled crosswalks, which is especially desired along school routes, where small children may not be easily seen by motorists. Some variations to the RRFB have a school warning sign instead of a pedestrian sign or LED lights embedded into the sign.

RRFBs are popping up all over Marin County. One recent installation is at Tiburon Boulevard at Ned’s Way in Tiburon, which was funded by Safe Pathways funds. Also funded by Safe Pathways, the RRFB at Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at Taylor Road in Fairfax is under design. Another RRFB at Paradise Drive and Golden Hind, funded by the Town of Corte Madera, was also installed.  To see a list of other RRFBs funded by the Safe Pathways Campaign, visit Safe Routes to Schools Website (Link).

Other RRFB locations funded by Safe Pathways Third Cycle include:

Keep an eye out for the beacons – and remember to yield to pedestrians!